“I met Dr. Wood several years ago after he successfully treated one of my players for an elbow and shoulder injury. I was surprised since the player hadn’t progressed with physical therapy. I met with Dr. Wood and we discussed his philosophy on treating certain sports injuries that I had run across in my career as a Division I pitcher and subsequently as a coach. Since that time, I have sent many of my players in need of care to Dr. Wood. I have the utmost confidence in his abilities and know that they will receive the best care possible. Currently our High School team is ranked #1 in the state.”
J.T. High School & Youth Baseball Coach

“Being and Ex NBA player and now confined to a wheelchair for the past 15 years, my body has been through a lot. I don’t know if I could survive without Dr. Wood’s treatment. I have always been an advocate of Chiropractic care, but the help I’ve received since my confinement makes me wish I had taken more advantage of this healing art while I was playing.”
N.W. Former Phoenix Sun/New York Knick

“I have known and been referring patients to Dr. Wood for over 12 years. At the time we met, we had a mutual patient who raved about Dr. Wood. I met him and the more we talked, the more I was impressed with his integrated approach, combining Chiropractic, sports medicine, and rehabilitation. Until then, the only Chiropractors I had known only performed manipulation, occasionally with superficial modalities. I feel this integrated approach has improved patient outcomes and definitely increased patient satisfaction.”

“I have seen Dr. Wood for spinal maintenance for the past 8 years. When I was forced to have shoulder surgery a while ago, I instructed my surgeon, Dr. Michael Lee, that I wanted and trusted Dr. Wood to perform my rehab. Dr. Lee agreed, stating that he had a number of patients that Dr. Wood had worked on, all achieving a successful outcome. My rehab went very well and since that time Dr. Wood has successfully gotten me through two subsequent surgeries from other injuries. I have and will continue to refer patients to Dr. Wood for treatment of any sports injuries.”

“I have seen Dr. Wood for a number of years for treatment of choronic back pain. After arthroscopic shoulder surgery, my Orthopedist sent me to physical therapy. After several months of rehab and no improvement in my shoulder, I was forced to have another surgery, which did not make my very happy. After surgery, I refused my doctor’s request to return to physical therapy, opting to see Dr. Wood for the rehab. It went very well and the doctor was amazed at the speed of my recovery. Since that time, Dr. Wood has treated me for three other surgeries; the other shoulder, and one on each knee, all with positive outcomes. As a former professional baseball player, I apprciate Dr. Wood’s approach and attention to detail in these matters.”
M.M Former Cincinnati Reds Pitcher