Todd Lee
"A couple of years ago I was in so much pain that I thought for sure I would be undergoing surgery on my knee. My father in law had seen Dr. Wood a few years earlier and I raved about his practice and procedures. I decided to "give it a shot" to see if they could help. During my consultation, Dr. Wood told me that I may need surgery but to give him at least two weeks of therapy to see if we could relieve the pain. His method of aligning the body kind of made sense to me but I really didn't understand how my hips and upper back could make my knee hurt. For me, I felt I had nothing to lose by following his exercises and plan for wellness, so I bought it. After just a couple of treatments, I began to feel better. When I completed the two weeks, I was pain-free and have never looked back. Another thing that I really like is that he never tried to persuade me to take more sessions than I needed. When I felt better, I reduced treatments after a couple of months backed down to a "maintenance" program to keep myself in alignment. I cannot thank, or recommend highly enough, Dr. Wood and his staff enough for their professionalism and knowledge."